R Programming Language Course Training

R Programming language Course Training in Hyderabad

The most famous and trending language in the field of software is R language which was developed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in 1993. R language provides a wide range of methods such as statistical methods, graphical methods etc. Many features such as machine learning algorithm, linear regression, time series, statistical interface and many more are included in this R language. Generally the R libraries are written in R language itself but for heavy computational test codes such a c, c++ etc are used. Apart from academics, this R language is used by many large companies such as Uber, Facebook, Google and many more.

Data analysis using R language can be done using 5 steps.They are :

  • Programming : This language acts as easy accessible programming tool and is very clear.
  • Transforming : Data science uses specifically designed r libraries.
  • Discovering : Investigation of data is done to refine hypothesis and analyze it.
  • Modelling : for capturing the high model of data a wide variety of tools are used.
  • Communication of results : Integrated codes, graphs and outputs report with R language to build applications to share with the world.

What is R Programming language used for?

  • Statistical interference
  • Machine learning algorithm
  • Data analysis

Communication with R Programming language

There are multiple ways to present and share work such as through markdown document, shinny app etc. The data is hosted in Rpub, Github or in a business website. Markdown is accepted by rstudio to write documents. Those documents can be exported in different formats such as :

  • Document : html, pdf, word etc.
  • Presentation : html, pdf beamer etc.

What can we do with R Programming language?

Markdown is easy to create reports, paper, books, presentation etc. R language is a great tool which is used to develop shinny apps easily.

Why use R Programming language?

  • R is a trade-off between implementation and analysis.
  • R is more appropriate when it comes to statistics and decision making.
  • Data science is having a huge demand for R language.
  • R language is one of the important tool used in Data science.Data science consists of two tools i.e., R language and python.In other words R language and Python are the programming languages which define Data science.

Is R Programming language difficult?

  • Years ago it was difficult,confusing,non structural as other programming tools.
  • A  collection of packages named Tideverese is developed by Hadley Wickham which made manipulation of data and creating graphs easier.
  • Machine learning algorithms can be implemented using R language.
  • R language can communicate with many other languages.
  • R can even access world of big data.
  • R can be connected to different databases such as spark,hadoop etc.
  • R has evolved and allowed parallelizing operation to speed up computation.


R Programming language is a great tool to explore and investigate the data. This is the most crucial part, without a good feature engineering and model, the deployment of the machine learning will not give meaningful results.